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The Boston Test is a movement-based biometric test.

It is the next generation in hiring technology.

The Boston Test is far more accurate than other types of tests in understanding and revealing the real you. What are your true talents, personality, aptitude, and character traits? What are the right jobs for you? The Boston Test can reveal those things.

The Boston Test requires no special knowledge. Just like buying a lottery ticket, there are no cultural, educational, nor language advantages when you take The Boston Test. Imagine a completely fair and objective process where everyone has an equal chance. There are no built-in biases. Everybody is on an equal footing. You are evaluated strictly on your talents, personality, aptitude, and character. You are not judged based on your answers to a Q&A (question & answer) test with confusing and indirect questions . . . and you do not have to compete against job applicants who manipulate their answers in order to win the job.

What is a biometric test? Simply put, “biometrics” is the science of separating you from everybody else. There are 2 types of biometric tests: static and movement-based.

1. Static (or Physiological) Biometric Tests are usually for security applications. Fingerprints and DNA tests are the most commonly known static biometric tests. Others include iris scans, voice recognition, and measuring your facial features.

2. Movement-based (or Behavioral) Biometric Tests are based on how you move. While any movement – including your walking gait – can be measured, recorded, correlated and analyzed.

. . . The Boston Test is the most advanced and thoroughly researched movement-based biometric test. It is based on pen-on-paper movements. It has 3 parts: shapes, numbers, and words. You simply draw some shapes, write some numbers, and copy some words. That’s it! It should take you only 10-15 minutes to complete the test.

The Boston Test is free. The employer pays for the results. After you complete the test, please fax your test papers to the special fax number provided by the employer. If you do not have the special fax number, then please fax your test papers to 1-800-440-6948 along with a cover sheet that indicates who requested you to take the test, what position you are applying for, and your contact information, including your email address. We will make certain that your test results get to the right hiring executive.

Your test results will be kept in strict confidence. They will be provided only to the employer who asked you to take the test. Thank you!


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